What surprised me about having my third baby! 3 kids, 3 and under

Finding out I was pregnant with my third was a SURPRISE to say the least! I was busy with my 2 year old and newborn, so getting pregnant was not part of the plan! In fact, when I did find out I was pregnant, I cried everyday for months.

What made it difficult for me to accept my third pregnancy, was that my newborn was a colicky baby. He would cry all the time, and it would take me hours to put him to sleep. I would try every tactic but nothing seemed to help. I was running on no sleep and sanity left in me. I was DONE having babies. Well, that’s when God laughed! Little did I know what He had planned for me.

My second labor and delivery was also VERY difficult. The recovery was much harder than with my first and took much longer. A hard delivery, a hard recovery, and a hard baby! Can you see why I was done having babies?

As the months went on and my second child became a tad bit easier I began to get excited to have this third child. I knew it would be a lot of work but I also knew that if God gave me this pregnancy, He would help me. I knew He would help me particularly because of the way He helped me with my toddler after my second child was born. The big brother wouldn’t go to sleep on his own and needed someone to sit by him at night until he would fall asleep. Even while I was 9 months pregnant he would wake up at night and call for me and I would go sit by him until he would fall asleep again. Sometimes, this would happen multiple times a night. I cried a lot, being hormonal especially, just at the thought of caring for a newborn and sitting by a toddler at nights. When my second baby was born I still had to sit by big brother but after about a month he got comfortable to sleep on his own, somehow out of the blue. I say out of the blue because truly it was a miracle. But I know, it was God that did that miracle. If we call to Him, He will indeed help us. I can write a book at how many times He has helped me in my desperate moments!

Remembering my positive past experiences with Gods help, I became super excited for this third baby. One thing I wanted to do differently with my third labor is to have an epidural. With my first 2, they were both natural, no epidural, no drugs… ouch. With my third labor I was especially terrified of birth so by that point I didn’t care for that natural stuff. I did pray everyday for my labor and for a safe epidural experience! I was terrified of that needle. When that moment finally came, I had my best labor and delivery experience! I had an epidural that didn’t hurt, and it worked! My recovery was smooth and quick, and the best part, my baby was healthy and happy! No colic! And for the first time I actually breastfed! With the other two I pumped for about 8 months because they didn’t want the boob! So this third baby was truly a miracle! So yes, God came through!

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”

Psalm 145:18

What surprised me about having my third baby is that it’s not as hard as it seems. I think it’s because your mind is all over the place that you don’t have the time to think about extra things. You seem like you’ve experienced it all and survived it all so that when your child gets sick or has a meltdown it’s just casual and your not surprised. You almost become immune to things that used to bother you, mostly because you don’t have the time to stress about them anymore!

This third baby really left a good taste for our family in case we do think about growing bigger one day! We call him our angel baby because of how wonderful he is. Our other kids are great to of course but that second child, my colicky monkey, he was a real piece of work as a baby! Really knew how to test mama with her sanity limits! If any mama out there knows what I mean, let me tell you, it gets better, and much easier!

Having this third child really made our family feel like a family! There’s so many of us that we’re always entertained with one another. Someone always has someone to connect with and love, it has been the biggest blesssing to our family!


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