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How & Why my kids sleep in their own beds!

I know so many families whose kids sleep with them, in fact, it’s rare for me to hear that kids don’t! Whether your a new mama or seasoned, I want to share with you how and why my kids all sleep in their own beds!

The benefits of sleeping alone, in their own rooms, for children are: better quality sleep (no one’s snoring or moving around), SAFE (many deaths are due to co-sleeping and sofficating), learning to self soothe (helps them become great sleepers as they get older!)

The benefits for me because they sleep in their own rooms: I put them to bed and then it’s ME TIME! I love my kids and would love to cuddle with them to sleep but realistically I need to have time to myself! Time to take a shower or do my nails and not to mention time with my husband! Including having our own space to ‘hang out’ if you know what I mean. We don’t have to lay with the kids, wait for them to fall asleep, and then sneak out of OUR OWN ROOM to do the fun stuff.

I will be honest, if it weren’t for my husband my kids might of been mamas sleeping buddies. He kept reminding me to put the babies in the crib since they were born, why? Because then they will be independent and we can have some time to ourselves!

When babies are just born they wake up ALOT. If your breastfeeding, starting from that age it’s tempting to bring them to bed with you and feed on demand! Extra sleep who hoo, however it’s not a good idea! Even though newborns might not get into the habit right away and want to sleep with you all the time, YOU might get into that habit! And the older they get the more harder it will be for you and then THEM to get out of that habit because it will be easier to have them right next to you. By the time you try to transition them into their own crib it will be to late! Starting from birth I always put the baby into his bassinet and then after a couple months into his own crib. This way, they get used to being in their own room by themselves.

Another way kids might sneak into sleeping with you is when they transition into a toddler bed! When my oldest was 1.5 years old and jumped out of his crib, I transitioned him. He kept waking up and walking to my room to my bed, trying to sleep with me but, as sleepy as I was, I walked him back to his bed and sat next to him until he passed out if necessary. It would be much easier to give in and have him come in bed, especially when he would wake up 2-3 times and I was 9 months pregnant!! True story. But I wasn’t lazy, I walked him to his bed every time. Because of my efforts I have great sleepers! Sure my two year old wakes up sometimes for milk or a drink but being able to tuck him in bed for the night and leave, is such a blessing. They go to sleep with no trouble because they learn to self soothe and I get to unwind for the night, have some tea and read a good book, or better yet, go on a date night!

Some tips to help kids sleep in their own beds:

  • Start from newborn- bassinet to crib!
  • Be Consistent- don’t choose the easy way out!
  • Routine- brush teeth, read a story, pray, bedtime
  • Sound machine! I use 2 different ones, one of them makes a heart beat sound (for the baby) and the other one is white noise, sounds like a constant fan running. It’s great because it blocks out sound whether the baby is crying or I’m cleaning the kitchen and banging plates together

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