How I describe my life with 3 kids: FUN! Here’s why

Life with 3 small kids is so normal to me that I often don’t realize what a fun life I’m actually living. By fun I mean, being goofy and loud in the middle of chaos. But just because those words describe my life, it doesn’t mean it isn’t actually fun! To tell you the truth, it’s actually a lot of fun! Because even though the kids are loud, it’s a FUN kind of loud. They’re laughing, I’m laughing, they’re jumping around being boys, and I’m yelling “be careful!” while recording them… because, memories! Because quiet moments are so rare, it’s so rare for me to feel bored.

Going to the store is NEVER boring, you will never spend too much time there that you spend extra money on extra things you don’t need. See, kids help you save money 🙂

The house is in chaos, there’s lunch that needs to be cleaned up, laundry that needs to be folded, and the scattered toys all around the house that need to be put away because the boys took them out of their toy box again, for the third time.
Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by the mess in the house I remember my life before the kids. I remember the picture perfect, not a dust particle, living room. I remember the kitchen, spotless, not one dish in the sink. I remember one of the bedrooms I once used as a walk in closet. But with those memories I remember how bored I was a lot of the time! Yes you have fun with your husband but you can only go on date nights so much.
Below are some images for your enjoyment, before and afters of how crazy our house gets 🙃

After you have kids, you have a new goal in life. It’s no longer work, hang out, back to work. Your life turns into a MISSION of raising happy, healthy kids. Their happiness becomes your own and they are easily satisfied. Bring them to a playground and you got happy campers. When you stop focusing on yourself and your own happiness, it brings a whole new meaning to the purpose of your life. Things that you would never have thought would bring you joy, do. Like a toddler who didn’t poop for 3 days and then he finally poops! You feel like celebrating and grabbing some ice cream at the canal.

Every week we have a fun activity planned, something we probably wouldn’t have done if we didn’t have kids! One example is, Chuck-E-Cheese! Any other mama have as much fun there as I do?! The coin game, where you put in a coin and it pushes the other ones, is one of my favorites 😂 and let’s not forget the photo booth! Free family photos, yay!

When I actually think about how many times a day I laugh or smile or the amount of love I receive, it’s so much more than if we didn’t have any children!

One of those times where I can’t stop laughing!

Movie nights as a family are very rare. Peaceful dinners, never really happen. House is never spotless. Laundry is never finished. But it’s not a bad thing! Movie nights mean mom and dad get alone time, dinners are interactive and lots of giggles, the house gets cleaned in unique ways, such as when the kids splash water on the bathroom floor while taking a bath, mama wipes the whole floor down with a towel and wha-la, floor is ‘mopped’! Since there is so much laundry, I do it everyday which means if I want to re-wear something the next day I throw it in with that days laundry load! Don’t have to wait a week until I can wear it again, like at moms house, ha! Anyone else? So you see here, our life is full of FUN!
Kids bring out creativity in you that you didn’t know you had and you appreciate things you otherwise wouldn’t have!

Fishing Buddy for Life

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